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I was introduced to CrossFit in 2011 by my husband (boyfriend at the time).  He started at a big, well known affiliate and was instantly hooked.  He said, "you have to come try this" so I did.  As a fitness professional, I was a skeptic but went and had a great experience.  The workout was of course really difficult but I was blown away by the coaching, attention to detail, and organization of a large class.  Up to that point I had spent my career coaching youth competitive volleyball and earning a living as a personal trainer to adults.  CrossFit was the platform to combine those skills into a profession.  So often, coaches and sports performance specialists think that "coaching" is only a profession within competitive sports.  I am a professional coach and I love my job.  At CrossFit Mafia we coach in fitness, health, nutrition, sport, and life.  

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I chose "Fitness as a Lifestyle" 11 years ago.  I was 35 and had typical male syndrome    

(aka Weekend Warrior); I had my annual physcial and the doctor used descriptions like

 "pre diabetic" & "pre heart disease".  I walked out and decided to take control of my

health and commited myself to changing! I wanted to be around as long as possible to

enjoy my time with my family and friends. It is a constant journey, but I am now 46, 30 pounds lighter, normal blood pressure, and doing events I would have only dreamed of years ago.  

I found CrossFit in 2011 looking for something beyond typical training. I hated training by myself and wanted something more varied than standard programs.  I was hooked from the start!  


Why do I love CrossFit?  I love working out with liked minded people who see fitness as the means to longevity and vitality.  The impact CrossFit has on the community is undeniable, and I hope you find your fitness journey passes through CrossFit Mafia and you enjoy your time with us



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Christina grew up in rural Ohio, where she was an active youth; riding horses, cheerleading and dreaming of world travel. She went on to study at Kent State University, receiving her BA in Art Education in 2007 and teaching students of all ages ever since!

In 2012, Christina & her husband fulfilled a dream of theirs and moved to the big city of Denver. In addition to enjoying the area's natural beauty and culture; Christina enjoys hiking, weightlifting & running.