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Vicki Baca has been a member of CrossFit Mafia for just over 4 years. We recently had an opportunity to sit down and discuss her experience and why she does CrossFit.

Here's how it went down:

MAFIA: Where are you from and what is your sports/exercise background?

VICKI: I am from Longmont ,CO and did not play sports growing up. I used to play golf and the family and I did Karate for a long time before I got injured. That's how I got good at push-ups!

MAFIA: How did you come across CrossFit and why did you start?

VICKI: At the end of 2011 I had gained 30 lbs, so I decided to do something about it. For the whole year 2012, I didn't eat sugar or white flour and lost the 30 lbs. Then I wanted to start exercising and used DVDs in my basement but got bored and didn't ever follow through. In 2014, Joe told me about CrossFit Mafia and I was interested because of the Vitality class. I started Foundations with Brentnie. Then had most of my classes with Jeff at 5am.

MAFIA: When you started Foundations, one of my most memerable conversations was when you told me your daughter was soon going to have a baby. And I said "Congratulations you are going to be a grandma!"

VICKI: (laughing) I said "No, I'm not! Nobody is going to call me grandma." My grandkids call me Vicki.

MAFIA: What has been one or some of your most memorable moments at Mafia?

VICKI: We always have a lot of fun, but my favorite event is the 12 Days of Christmas. I love that everyone brings in their family and it's this big fun workout.

MAFIA: What are some of your biggest acheivements since starting CrossFit?

VICKI: My biggest acheivment is just that I have stuck with it for so long! I can also climb a rope and do a pull-up. Recently, getting into Committed Club and learning how nutrition impacts EVERYTHING.

MAFIA: Over the last year you made it a goal to complete ALL of the Girls WODs. Which you have recently finish, so Congratulations. Why did you decided to do that?

VICKI: I just think that those are the original CrossFit workouts so everyone should do them and redo them to compare your progress

MAFIA: (smiling proud coach) That is awesome, now which one is your favorite?

VICKI: I like all of the bodyweight workouts, but if I had to pick one it would be Karen. Wallballs are eveything!

MAFIA: What is your advice to a new member or potential member that is thinking about starting CrossFit?

VICKI: Don't be intimidated and DO IT to make yourself better. No one is judging you and a scaled workout is just as hard as an Rx workout. You will start seeing life changes everywere, in your marriage, your confidence, your body, your sex life, all of it!

MAFIA: Thank you Vicki! You are awesome.

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Travel/Home WOD

3 Rounds For Time:

Run 800m 50 Air Squats

SLEEP - 7-9 hours per night, measure quantity and quality

Steps to Improve Sleep:

Reduce artificial (blue) light 2+ hours before bed and in your room

Cold and dark room for sleeping

No food or drink within 2 hours of bed time (especially no alcohol)

Dim lights in evening

Eat your carbs with dinner

Exercise and get plenty of sunlight during the day (camping!)

STRESS - “I can’t turn off my brain” using your electronics makes this worse

Switch back to parasympathetic nervous system VS sympathetic


MEDITATION - try guided meditation and start with 5-10 min

SHAVASANA - just breathe


EXERCISE - get in Committed Club!

Why does exercise allow us to sleep better and feel better?

Neuroendocrine Response

Reduces stress and anxiety (best anti-depressant on planet)

Production/Release of hormones (testosterone, HGH, IGHF-1, Insulin, glucagon, cortisol, and adrenaline THE MORE TISSUE YOUR ENGAGE, THE MORE HORMONES YOU GET

Body temperature regulation

Improves confidence, more social interaction, healthy coping


Take days off!

Get enough good sleep

Eat to support health and muscle repair

Self treatment (salt baths, STEM, float tanks, compression, mobility)

Use a professional (massage, chiropractor, stretching)

MINDSET - how do you choose to live? A positive mindset will go along way, so SMILE and LAUGH a lot!


Positive affirmations

Surround yourself with people who make you better

Look at failures as an opportunity to GROW

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This year at CrossFit Mafia we will have all OPEN participants divided into teams. There will be 4 teams with assigned captains. The captains for 2018 are Juan Mancin, Gary Harris, Chelsie Bruggeman, and Heather Mundy. On the weekend of Feb 17th we will have a draft, in order to be entered into the draft you MUST be registered for the OPEN.


Round 1-3, Captains will pick 1 athlete

Round 4-6, Captains will pick 2 athletes

Round 7-8, Captains will pick 3 athletes


1pt - each athlete that completes the OPEN workout, do not get more points for multiple attempts

1pt - each athlete that dresses according to the theme

2pts - each athlete that takes and passes the Judges course

3pts - for top male and female athletes each week and in both RX and Scaled

5pts - 1 male and 1 female per week awarded for "Spirit of the Week"

SCHEDULE: (you will sign up for your day AND heat in advance)

*Thursday night! 6pm

Special Head-to-Head event.

*Friday Night Lights! 6-8pm

*Saturday 7am-11am


Team with most points at the end of the OPEN will get a Mafia sponsored tab at local pub of their choice for after the OPEN celebration AND Mafia 2018 Open Trophy