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Should you sign up for the OPEN?

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20 Rounds for time:

5 Push Ups

5 Squats

5 Sit-Ups

The CrossFit OPEN is just around the corner with the first workout announcement on February 22nd! Many of you are asking fellow members and coaches what it is and if you should do it.

WHAT: Worldwide competition with 1 workout per week over 5 consecutive weeks. It is broken up into many categories (age, sex, state, region, military, and scaled within each category). *CrossFit Mafia will be doing the OPEN workouts every Saturday for the WOD

WHEN: Workouts get announced on Thursday and you have until Monday to complete them with a judge

WHERE: At MAFIA! It will be the Saturday WOD for those 5 weeks

WHO: EVERYONE! If you are 14yrs+ alive and well you should be participating in the OPEN

WHY: It is a BLAST! It is one of the best opportunities to see how your fitness has improved. Every beginner member that did not do it in their first year regrets it the following year, because they wish they had something to compare to. It is also one of the coolest COMMUNITY events that CrossFit puts together. You are a part of a 14,000 affiliate community that spans across the globe and most of them will be participating in the OPEN!

HOW: Go to games.crossfit.com and sign up! It's $20


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