L2 Nutrition



  • 12 week initial program

  • $149/month ($199 for non-members)

  • InBody - body composition and analysis (beginning, middle, end)

  • Individualized Nutrition Program

  • Monthly 30 min 1:1, discuss progress and goals

  • Bi-weekly group educational meetings (Thursday evenings)

  • Weekly email based check-in


What you can expect:


  1. Individual nutrition programs are based on InBody analysis, activity level and athlete goals.  Each program is based on the CrossFit standard of weighing and measuring “real food” intake.  Athletes are expected to log their food in an app MY FITNESS PAL and send in the weekly report.  Your coach will monitor macronutrients and food quality, then make adjustments to your program as necessary.

  2. Monthly 1:1 coaching session to discuss your progress and goals

  3. Weekly email check-in is a short form with questions about the week and your physical/emotional feedback. Your coach will be looking for information on sleep, digestion, energy, workout performance, hunger, and stress. You will have one day to get this in, no exceptions, your coach will not accept a check-in after the date it was sent. It is part of the planning and accountability and will not take longer than 5-10 min.

  4. Bi-weekly group education is for accountability, community and learning.  This will be the place to check-in with the other members and get more time with your coach.  Each of these meetings will have a specific educational topic and opportunity for discussion. 

  5. InBody analysis is an extremely accurate measurement of body composition.  From this test you will learn weight, fat mass, fat percentage, segmental lean mass, total body water, lean dry mass, and basal metabolic rate.  This device also stores your information so the retests will all be compiled.  


What your coach will NOT do:


  1. Create your meal plan (you have to learn how to do this)

  2. Take an unplanned phone call (you have many other ways to communicate)

  3. Respond to emails/texts on Saturday and Sunday (everyone needs time off, it’s called balance)


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